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Josh Groban Stillness

This is a graphics contest community dedicated to the wonderful person who is Josh Groban!
Each week I will give you an image or base to play with, perhaps along with some specific requirements to make it a little more challenging. You'll submit your icon/s into me, as by the guidelines below (somewhere), they'll be posted and peoples shall vote on their favourites. The top three winners shall be announced for all to see, as well as lovely banners for them to collect. Sound fun? Continue on.


1. Your icons cannot be animated. Just ruin the entire idea of the place being called 'Josh Groban Stillness', why don't you.

2. Icons must remain anonymous to keep it fair. So, don't use your icons anywhere until the winners have been announced.

3. No telling your friends, relatives, total strangers to come and vote for you. Let's play nice people.

4. No voting for yourself. I mean, seriously.

5. Your icon must fit the lj standards. No larger than 100x100 pixels and no more than 40 kb.

6. If you like the icons that are submitted, please ask the creator before you use them.

7. If you're posting your icons elsewhere, add a comment that they were made for the groban_stills challenges.


1. You will need a host that allows remote linking. You can't just copy and paste from your hard drive. Geocities/angelfire/tripod, won't work. Try photobucket.com

2. Place your icon/s in a comment to the post where you got the picture/s from. The comments will be screened so the only ones who can see them are you and me.

3. When sending in your submission please include both the image and the url. Like this:
<img src="IMAGE URL">

So it'll show up like this:



1. The latest challenge will be put up every Monday.

2. You have until the end of Friday to get your entries in.

3. Voting will last for the entire weekend.

4. Winners announced on Monday, along with the new challenge.


1. You don't have to be a member of the community to vote.

2. The number you can vote for will change weekly, depending on how many entries we receive.

3. There will be four types of winning places: First, Second, Third, and Mod's Choice.

4. To vote, simply place the number of the icon/s into a comment, which will be automatically screened.



If you have any questions, PM me!

Have fun!

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